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I’m sure you must have heard about websites such as Twitter and Facebook but they are more than just websites where you can share your personal life with the world.

They can actually be a powerful addition to your online marketing campaigns, allowing you to build your brand on the Internet, gain followers and interact with your customers (and potential customers) in such an effective close way.

But setting up a professional looking Twitter or Facebook page takes a lot of work and keeping it updated with new relevant information about your company and your products and services is a daunting task.

That’s why Action Online now offer a new service where we will setup and update a variety of social media sites to help promote your brand on the Internet.

This is part of our online marketing service which you can visit to learn more about what we offer to New Zealand businesses.

confused-manEven though I try to speak in plain English I have to admit I do fall into the habit of using technical jargon from time to time.

All this achieves is to cause confusion with various people that are not in the field Information Technology. Opps, I think that was some jargon!

What I mean is people that do not have the technical abilities (nor do they need to, that is why they contact us) and spewing out pieces of technical jargon does not help.

So that is why Action Online is making a 2012 pledge to cut out the jargon!

When we speak to out clients about making a website and marketing their site on the Internet, we will try to cut out the jargon and speak in good old plain English.

So what can we do to help you?

We Can Make an Effective Website

First of all your website needs to contain engaging and quality content.

This simply means the page should keep the attention of the visitor and they should feel the page added some value to their experience.

For example; If you visit a website of a company selling cheese then it should clearly display which cheeses they sell (obviously), with nothing misleading and even provide some useful tips on getting the most out of eating cheese.

Having a website with great content is important but the site also needs some important features to make the user experience even better and therefor increase the change that they will take your desired action - buy your cheese!

Now what do I mean by 'features'?

An example of a website feature that improves the experience for the visitor is a 'Call Me Back' box. They can simply type in their name, number and ideally email then the website owner will receive an email with their details.

This helps both the visitor and the website owner. It helps the visitor as they they will get a call back (some people find this easier than calling or emailing you) and you get a sales lead.

Another example is Email Marketing. The idea is simple; The visitor signs up for your newsletter.

You send newsletters that again adds real value. Ideally the newsletter subscriber would learn something useful from reading your newsletter.

But you also include promotional offers in the newsletter.

Again, this is a two way exchange as the subscribes will hopefully enjoy and learn something from your newsletter and you win as some of them will buy your product or use your service because of that newsletter.

We Can Help Market Your Website Online

Press Releases

These are an effective way to help get the word out about your company or organisation.

We will write quality press releases and let various news sites and bloggers know about the press release.

The idea is if the press release is 'newsworthy' (as in it contains real news) then the news and blogging community may pick it up as a story.

If this happens then it can drive people to your website helping your company gain a presence on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can show you the problems on your website that is making it less friendly to search engines. You see your website needs to be designed so that search engines can read and understand each page.

The more they understand your pages the higher the chance that someone will find you via a search engine.

We will also perform keyword research that shows what people are searching for in your market. We can use this information to help us (and you) make better decisions in which areas you should be marketing your product or service.

Pay Per Click Advertisements

These are usually known as PPC (opps, jargon again!) and they simply mean you display ads in a search engine such as Google and you only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website.

As you are not paying simply to display an ad (like in a magazine), this is often a very cost effective form of marketing.

We will also setup your pay per click campaign with highly focused ads. This simply means when a potential customer searches for something in your market, the ad which is displayed will match what they were searching for.

Because of this, the chance that they will click your ad (over others) will usually increase.

In addition to this, when they click on your ad they will land on a page tailored for what they were searching for.

This page will add value to their experience, hopefully answering their questions.

Because the visitor gained some value from reading your page, the chance they will be converted from a visitor into an actual sales lead will usually increase.

Social Media

We can also help market your website and company by using powerful social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

This is a great way to get your brand out there.


We hope we've said goodbye to the jargon in this post and in general.

What do you think? Did we still use too much jargon? Please leave a comment here to tell us what you think.

Article WritingGoogle have made some pretty large changes to their search algorithms a couple of days ago. This has caused massive havock, mainly with popular article websites. People who mainly use articles for their online / Internet marketing have been noticeing MASSIVE drops in their article ranking, some as high as 94% loss.


Never a Dull Day with Action Online

Well it's been ages since we posted a blog but that's because we've been super busy on our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click ads) for our clients.

If you have a website that's isn't getting you many real customers then check out our SEO Wellington page to see how we can help you change that.

Getting more traffic to your website takes a lot of work. One of the many things you need to do is article writing.

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